Cosmetic and Plastic surgery Procedures in the UK

We are leading the way in surgical procedures and have clinics in two countries to offer the highest quality of care – Marbella in Spain and Bristol in the UK.

Cosmetic surgery – an elective operation that enhances or alters a part of your body or face that you want to change. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is vital to know what is involved. Below are different types of cosmetic surgeries, plastic surgery, and their benefits.

Rhinoplasty – can be done as a corrective or cosmetic procedure. If you are thinking of getting a nose job, you might be wondering what some of the benefits are. You will be able to breathe easily. There is a reason why there is a high demand for products in the market that help people to breathe well. Breathing problems is a common complaint among a lot of people these days. Whether it is a mild or a severe case, not being able to breathe well can be frustrating and scary. The most common procedure to help patients breathe well is septoplasty. A lot of people are not aware that they might have a deviated septum. To improve your flow of air, rhinoplasty will help you.

A lot of people suffer from sleep issues that are related to breathing problems. Some of these problems can be serious such as sleep apnea. This causes the airways to block or even close up and it can lead to different health problems. There are some treatments that one can use at home but in some cases, revision on a corrective rhinoplasty will be the best option. By working with a certified and trained surgeon, you can get your nasal passageways redesigned to help get rid of the breathing issues that cause problems when it comes to sleeping. Our cosmetic surgery and rhinoplasty clinic in Bristol, specializes in nose surgery procedures.

Facelift – Your face is a significant part of your identity if your appearance is usually tired, worn out or haggard, it can take a toll on your self confidence. A face lift surgery is going to give you a more natural and youthful look to your face helping your personality to shine through. You will also be able to age more gracefully in the years to come.

Getting a facelift will also repair loose skin. Sagging skin is going to be carefully removed in order to give one a youthful and natural look. Face skin should not be overly tightened or it will lead to a pulled appearance and you will look plastic or without emotion.

Mini facelift – is also going to restore a smoother look to the lower eyelids and cheeks while a lower facelift creates an attractive jaw line contour removing jowls and smoothing out the area of the neck. If you have a neck that is too fleshy or has jowls, liposuction can be used on these areas too.

Tummy tuck – is a procedure that helps people who have experienced weight gain, those who have recently had a baby or some who are simply obese. Post partum women opt for a tummy tuck as they are not happy with the stretch markets on their skin. Stretch marks occur during pregnancy as a result of the muscles and skin stretching and no one likes how they look like. They are also common for people who have lost a lot of weight. Stretch marks can be removed by getting a tummy tuck. By reducing excess tissue and pulling the remaining skin to become tight, the appearance of stretch marks will reduce. Surgical scars from a tummy tuck will be well hidden by undergarments and they will fade with time.

Scars that are as a result of Caesarean section wreck a lot of havoc with the lower abdominal area and a lot of women after giving birth do not feel as though their body looks good enough. A tummy tuck is going to tighten this area and significantly improve the overall appearance.

Getting this procedure done is going to restore your confidence and self image as you will have a proportional frame. Whether you go through a mini tummy tuck, an extended one or a traditional tuck, the results will be remarkable.

As seen above, those are some cosmetic procedures that one can have done. Other surgeries include breast enlargement, breast reduction and liposuction.

It is vital to use a surgeon that has a lot of experience on the procedure that you want done. Ask to see before and after photographs of the recent patients they have worked on. This is going to give you an idea of what the capabilities of the surgeon is and what you should expect.

The Liposuction Procedure

The Liposuction Procedure
Dr. Jeffrey Klein tells how liposuction surgery is performed. Dr. Klein is the inventor of the tumescent liposuction technique, the safest form of lipo surgery. Dr. Klein performs liposuction surgery in Newport Beach and South Orange County at his surgical center.
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Individual results may vary.

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[Plastic surgery review] Jenna Talackova’s interview before two-jaw surgery

[Plastic surgery review] Jenna Talackova’s interview before two-jaw surgery
“[Orthognathic surgery review]
Jenna Talackova’s interview before double-jaw surgery

Jenna Talackova is from Canada, working as a model and she was also selected as top 12 of Miss universe Canada in 2012.

She had jaw problems such as biting and crackings. So she visited ID Hospital and underwent the two-jaw surgery by Dr. Park Sang-Hoon on Dec. 3rd, 2013 in Seoul Korea.

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Hacks For Hooded Eyes + DIY Face Lift

Hacks For Hooded Eyes + DIY Face Lift
Hi guys, here are my hacks for hooded eyes including a makeup tutorial for hooded eyes and a mini face lift to help elongate your eyes. I hope you find this video helpful and if you do, be sure to share it using the share buttons above. Thanks loves!


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Liposuction Downtime by Dr. Hourglass, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio

Liposuction Downtime by Dr. Hourglass, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio
Liposuction downtime depends on multiple factors related to the surgery itself. First, let us review. What is liposuction? Liposuction is a plastic surgery technique that removes excess fats in areas resistant to diet and exercise. Incisions are made through which, a cannula is inserted in the body and attached to a suction machine. Using a back and forth motion, the excess fats are harvested. Liposuction is an extremely common procedure and it is one of the most effective procedures in achieving immediate surgical result. The downtime will largely depend on the extent of the procedure and how aggressive your surgeon was in removing the fat. If liposuction is performed in more than one area, your downtime will be understandably longer. In addition, each person is different and some people will have more swelling than others. Some patients develop protracted swelling after surgery, which can affect the downtime of the surgery. It is extremely important to use a compressing corset or a girdle for at least 2 to 3 months to achieve good results and to help in skin retraction. In addition, pain is very personal and subjective and there are some patients who feel more pain than others. As point of fact, liposuction does not actually cause excessive pain after surgery to the extent that it delays your recovery. Now, it is also important to know that liposuction downtime will also depend on the surgical site. Some parts of the body, particularly the thighs, take longer time to heal, even much longer than the abdomen. This is due to various reasons including injury to lymphatic vessels in the legs, which can result in prolonged swelling. I noticed that the patient who has liposuction done on the thigh develop hypersensitivity of the thigh. I am not sure why this occurs, but it is an area where pain tends to be more prolonged compared to the arms or the abdomen. Normally, you can go back to work within 10 to 14 days after liposuction. Again, actual recovery time will depend on how fast you heal, how much fat was removed, area of removal plus other factors. Your surgeon will be able to determine this and will give you instructions on post-op care during your follow up visits.

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