Surgery Gone Wrong (Before And After)

Surgery Gone Wrong (Before And After)
This video is similar to Plastic Surgery, before and after only this time we’re focusing even more on the surgeries gone wrong. In some cases it’s a rhinoplasty (nose job), others it’s a standard face lift. Depending on your plastic surgeon you could actually pull it off, but as we see, the odds could be much better of having the best plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan among other celebrities shows up for plastic surgery and surgery in general gone wrong. I can’t really figure out if it was just the face she made. Anyway, remember, if you ever feel a little fat or ugly, don’t automatically turn to lipo suction or a face lift, first consider alternatives, a lot of times those can be much healthier.

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Abdominoplasty with Thorough Concurrent Circumferential Liposuction

Abdominoplasty with Thorough Concurrent Circumferential Liposuction
Abdominoplasty, the removal of excess skin combined with muscle plication of a patient’s abdominal region, can yield pleasing postoperative results alone, but adding significant concurrent circumferential abdominal liposuction to the procedure can dramatically improve the overall shape and contour of the final result. The perceived risk of performing this combined procedure involves potential skin necrosis resulting from devascularization of the abdominal flap, but when performed with proper technique — including thorough tumescent infiltration and vascular preservation during the liposuction portion — the procedure delivers superior results with a minimal risk for ischemia and necrosis.

In this video, Dr. Joseph Hunstad demonstrates his technique for performing abdominoplasty and tumescent liposuction concurrently. For the full Featured Operative Technique article, please see the July 2011 issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal (

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Best Rhinoplasty Sydney Plastic Surgery

Best Rhinoplasty Sydney Plastic Surgery

What is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty Doctors use different methods to correct and reshape the nose. The procedure can be surgical involving incision in order to shape the nose or non surgical which uses dermal fillers. The surgical procedures can be closed Rhinoplasty incision inside the nose to avoid creating scars outside the nose.

Finding a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon is one in every of the first things you’ll would really like to strive and do to arrange for rhinoplasty surgery. Of all the decisions, this is often usually in all likelihood the foremost important one you’ll build. You’ll notice the complete procedure to go easier if you will understand a doctor that you just comfortable with. Set up a consultation visit 1st where you will be ready to speak to the doctor and get to understand him. In the times before the visit, write down any and every one questions that you’ll have regarding the procedure, each pre and post operative concerns and anything else that you would like to understand. This can be usually the time to elucidate why you wish the surgery and what you hope the top results can be.

Rinoplasty Sydney plastic surgeons are amongst the renowned aesthetic physicians in the world today. They rank amongst the most successful and best educated doctors in the earth. So Sydney Australia is popping into one amongst the favourite spots by celebrities, elite, and whoever who values his looks and face as a massive investment in life.

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Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery Virtual Tour 2015

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery Virtual Tour 2015
See inside our practice and learn about what makes Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery different from any other practice in Houston, Texas.

For more information about this video and awarding winning cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul Vitenas, please contact us using the information below.

Dr. Vitenas also, offers complimentary consultations in Houston, TX.

Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery
4208 Richmond Ave. Suite 200
Houston, TX 77027
Phone: (281) 484-0088

Kybella and Facial Liposuction for Double Chins – Why the Fat Doesn’t Come Back

Kybella and Facial Liposuction for Double Chins – Why the Fat Doesn’t Come Back
To learn more about double chin treatment like Kybella™ and liposculpture, please go to:

For information about liposuction, please visit our website:

A woman wants to know the results if she gains weight after getting Kybella™ treatment. She also wants to know the results despite doing her best to maintain her weight through exercise and healthy diet.

Dr. Amiya Prasad is a board certified oculoplastic surgeon who specializes in facial cosmetic surgery and complex eyelid surgery. He is also board certified in general cosmetic surgery or full body cosmetic surgery by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery which means he does body procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tucks, and many more. He also explains to patients that whether it’s for fat under the chin, or in the jowl areas, or in the body like love handles and stomach, that when fat is reduced, regardless of the method, whether it’s by suction, sculpture, laser or injection of a fat metabolizing drug, those fat cells are gone. If they gain weight, the weight will be gained in different areas.

There’s a myth in liposuction that once someone has liposuction, the fat just moves somewhere else, which isn’t true. The fat itself doesn’t move and it’s the weight gain that becomes disproportionate. If someone has liposuction in the abdomen and in the flanks, if they were to gain weight, they might gain weight disproportionately in the thighs and get increased volume of fat behind the muscle or visceral fat. The fat that was reduced or removed from whatever method won’t come back because it was physically diminished. but they can still gain weight in other areas.

Dr. Prasad explains that if she was someone who tends to become more rounded in the face, then that will still happen, but the area under her chin will not get fat in the same way. Under the chin, there are deeper fat pockets that are not being addressed by subcutaneous or under the skin liposculpture or needles as these are in a deeper compartment. It doesn’t mean someone won’t get elevation, but it depends a lot on genetics and tendencies. It’s just a matter of how they tend to gain weight and where the fat ends up. If fat is left behind, that can expand but it won’t typically be the same as it was prior to their procedure.

Dr. Prasad suggests that she should meet with doctors and get a proper diagnosis. People misdiagnose themselves as having excess fat under their chin. As a facial cosmetic surgery specialist, he deals with this question every day. People who have no significant fat under the chin might have a little loose skin under the chin. For someone who have loose skin, this is not an appropriate procedure. Doctors don’t do liposuction or Kybella™ because it’s not going to address skin laxity. The same applies for people who have neck bands or extra cords under the neck.

The ideal candidate for this type of injection or liposuction of the chin is a younger person who has good skin quality and tone, but doesn’t have these other limiting issues. They must have fat accumulation present in spite of being close to their ideal body weight. It’s unfortunate that a lot of people try to think of liposculpture or something for undesirable fat as a quick fix when the global issue is managing diet and exercise. That doesn’t mean that there are many people who have this genetic tendency to collect fat under the chin, it can be a common trait within families. If she is within 10 pounds of her body weight and she still have this, then she is an ideal candidate for liposuction procedure or to consider this drug that requires multiple injections in different time frames in order to dissolve fat.