10 Plastic Surgery Of Popular TV Actresses BEFORE & AFTER | 2017

10 Plastic Surgery Of Popular TV Actresses BEFORE & AFTER | 2017
10 Plastic Surgery Of Popular TV Actresses BEFORE & AFTER | 2017
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Ankles, Cankles, Calves, Knees, Legs-11| High-Definition Liposuction | Experts Drs Su and Gruber

Ankles, Cankles, Calves, Knees, Legs-11| High-Definition Liposuction | Experts Drs Su and Gruber
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How Long Does RHINOPLASTY Surgery Take?

How Long Does RHINOPLASTY Surgery Take?
How long does #Rhinoplasty (nose) surgery take?

The time it takes to complete rhinoplasty surgery depends on multiple factors and will vary from person to person. Generally, minimal changes to the nose don’t require more than about 1 to 1.5 hours, and more complicated changes can take up to 3 or 4 hours. Open type procedures also take longer than closed ones, as they require extra cutting on the outside of the nose as well as the inside. The amount of grafting that needs to be done also adds to the time the procedure will take, so lengthening or widening the nose will require more time. Procedures that are done to fix breathing issues, rather than for cosmetic reasons are also more time consuming. The efficiency and rhythm of the actual surgeon and their team can add to or take away from the total amount of time spent on the procedure.

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ANWB Test Nissan Qashqai facelift 2017

ANWB Test Nissan Qashqai facelift 2017
Nissan etaleert zich graag als de grondlegger van het populaire crossovergenre. De tweede generatie van hun Qashqai is echter alweer sinds 2014 op de markt. Om in dit druk bevochten segment relevant te blijven, hebben de Japanners hun troetelkind een opfrisbeurt gegeven, die naast een gewijzigd uiterlijk ook een bijgepunt interieur en een aangevulde veiligheidsuitrusting omvat.

Plastic surgery gone wrong: celebrity edition – TomoNews

Plastic surgery gone wrong: celebrity edition – TomoNews
Plastic surgery gone wrong: celebrity edition. There’s a lot of pressure on celebrities to look their best, or try to artificially reverse their aging with cosmetic surgery. Sometimes a subtle change is practically unnoticeable. But all too often, going under the knife mangles their once attractive features into a deformed caricature of their former selves. Here’s the top ten celebrity plastic surgery disasters for your viewing…uh, pleasure?

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Liposuction Post Op Day 2

Liposuction Post Op Day 2
Hey guys, welcome back to my channel. Today is post op day 2 after my liposuction. Still just taking it easy and recovering. thanks so much for watching and if you have any questions please leave them below!!

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Welcome to my channel:) I am a busy mom to 4 kids ranging from 20 – 3! Becca, Carter, Londyn and Rocco..aka Benji!I am also an expat from Canada living in Mexico! I love makeup, home decor and all the exciting journeys living in Mexico brings us! Please subscribe and join the fun!

Tummy Tuck – Keys to Success

Tummy Tuck – Keys to Success
Tummy tuck, also know as abdominoplasty, is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and to restore the weakened abdominal wall, giving a firmer and smoother appearance. Tummy tuck surgery is one of our favorite operations because of the dramatic improvements abdominoplasty patients achieve.

There are various types of abdominoplasty procedures for patients to choose from. Each one is designed to treat a specific set of needs. In consultation with a qualified plastic surgeon, the choice of procedure will be made based on your anatomic features and desired outcome.

10 Bollywood Actresses Who Underwent A Nose Job To Look Better

10 Bollywood Actresses Who Underwent A Nose Job To Look Better
10 Bollywood Actresses Who Underwent A Nose Job To Look Better



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Description :

1. Sridevi
.The beautiful actress reportedly got her nose and lips corrected to get that perfect look.

When you closely compare her current pictures to older ones, her nose looks much sharper now.
3. Kareena Kapoor
Her nose Looks sligtly change. The change is prominent only on closer observations.

4. Koeina Mitra
She also did nose jobs,If u look her nose closely that diffrent from before.
5. Shilpa Shetty
She is also did nose jobs. her looks bettar than before
6. Katrina Kaif
Her natural beauty attarct everyone, her lips and nose have got a noticeable amount of plastic surgery.
7. Rekha
She also did nose job,if you see her yong ages pics you can compare what’s the diffrent then and now.
8. Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi entered Bollywood as the item girl,The actress also did nose jobs.
9. Shruti Hasan
If you see her older pics then you can find it what’s the diffrent then and now.After the nose job she looks better than before.
10. Minisha Lamba
This actress too underwent a nose job. Although her before and after pictures do not show huge ammount ofchange,

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