Rhinoplasty – Magic Surgeon Video Series

Rhinoplasty – Magic Surgeon Video Series
Rhinoplasty – Magic Surgeon Video Series

Humberto Palladino MD, also known as Magic Surgeon is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that will educate and help you get a closer look into the magical world of plastic surgery and its procedures.

In this short, fun and easy to understand video series, he will be debunking myths, sharing tips, tricks, and experiences, answering questions, featuring inspiring stories from real patients, talking about the do’s and don’ts, keep you updated about products and the latest trends in plastic surgery and even talk about music; his other passion!

Most people fear plastic surgery…

It is important for people to know that whether the fear of plastic surgery is in a way understandable, —and for this we can thank so many plastic surgery gone wrong cases we’ve seen from celebrities and other people we might know,— when performed correctly and by a professional Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, there is actually nothing to worry about.

Seeking perfection has always been in our DNA, and becoming a happy patient is what trained plastic surgeons are really all about!

Whether it is a breast augmentation you seek, a butt lift or butt augmentation, a nose job, botox, liposuction, face lifts, extreme body makeovers, reconstructions and other cosmetic and medical procedures, plastic surgery when done by a professional, truly is a life changer and will make you look and feel better about yourself.

Magic Surgeon earned his name because of his magic touch.
His work, so subtle and gentle that enhances natural beauty and his outstanding performance and communication with the patient, makes you question if whether they indeed went through a surgical procedure at all. A magician’s work!

Start sharing the magic! Sit down, relax, learn and enjoy Magic Surgeon’s video series. #believeinmagic

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Instant Face Lift + Slim Mask OMG, it works! I thought it was over hyped!

Instant Face Lift + Slim Mask OMG, it works! I thought it was over hyped!
This is where I found it.


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Many women have very large breasts causing shoulder,back pain.Dificulty in wearing clothes,doing exercise & social embrassment.Breast liposuction reduces breast size to 30% to 60% retaining original shape in smaller form.Done under locql anesthesia and no admission is required.No visible scars
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Dr. Bryan G. Forley: Breast Augmentation, Lift & Reduction

Dr. Bryan G. Forley: Breast Augmentation, Lift & Reduction
Dr. Bryan G. Forley – Awarded Castle Connolly Top Doctors of 2017, takes patients through the various procedures, process and cases while doing Breast Augmentation, Lift and Reduction. Dr. Forley explains in depth how he gets patients their desired looks. Accompanied by before and after photos.

To learn more about Breast Augmentation, Lift and Reduction or the other procedures Dr. Forley operates, please visit us at: http://www.drforley.com/