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TOP PLASTIC SURGEONS MEXICO is the original Pioneer of Plastic Surgery Tourism industry in Mexico – Leader of Quality and affordable plastic surgery cost in Mexico – We are the largest independent global operator focused in Plastic Surgery Holidays in Mexico.
We provide All Inclusive Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery Packages in Mexico at very affordable costs.
Visit our website and see all our all inclusive plastic surgery packages and costs.

Rhinoplasty / Nose Surgery – US,900
Full Face Lift surgery – US,200
Eyelid Surgery – US,600

Breast Implants – US,850
Breast Lift – US,950
Breast Lift + Implants – US,150
Liposuction – US,850
Tummy Tuck – US,250
Buttock Augmentation (Brazilian ButtLift) + Liposuction – US,900
Buttock Implants – US,500

Discover our All inclusive Rhinoplasty Plastic and Cosmetic surgery Packages in Mexico. We offer the best plastic surgery costs for Rhinoplasty in Mexico. It’s time to have your Rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery at affordable cost. Compare our cost with any other destination… you will be astonished by the price difference of plastic surgery. We work with only the best plastic surgeons in Mexico and with the best cosmetic and plastic surgery private clinics and hospitals in Mexico City.
Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico is a new concept of plastic surgery holidays in Mexico. At Top Plastic Surgeons Mexico you will find the best costs for your Rhinoplasty overseas.
We work with only the Best Plastic Surgeon Mexico giving you the opportunity to have an affordable Rhinoplasty plastic surgery abroad and cheaper plastic surgery cost.
Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in Mexico have more than 20 years of experience, and are recognized as Top Mexican plastic surgeons. Mexico is today one of the Best Country for Plastic Surgery Abroad offering the best prices for Cosmetic Surgery holiday packages.

OK-Chiptuning -VW Golf 7 R Facelift Teil 4 | Ansaugsystem im Test!

OK-Chiptuning -VW Golf 7 R Facelift Teil 4 | Ansaugsystem im Test!
Wir testen das HG-Motorsport VAG 1,8-2,0 TSI E6 HFI Gen. 3 Carbon Air Intake Kit Ansaugsystem im Golf 7 R Facelift……….


Unsere Videos enthalten gelegentliche Produktplatzierungen.


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‘SBS Insights’ – Liposuction Procedures for Men @ Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon

‘SBS Insights’ – Liposuction Procedures for Men @ Dr Lanzer Cosmetic Surgeon – View Doctor Lanzer on SBS Insights Brotox segment which examines the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery for Men from liposuction to facial procedures.

To schedule an appointment with Dr Lanzer, please contact

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Tummy Tuck Surgery
tummy tuck surgery es la manera en que se realiza la eliminación de grasa localizada y el exceso de piel abdominal, en este video se realiza una lipolísis del contorno corporal y mediante la abdominoplastia se elimina la piel sobrante del abdomen, se hace nuevamente el ombligo, se ven los resultados antes y depués de cirugía. Contacto via WhatsApp: +57-3115777719 – Tel: +571-4941120
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Does Breast Enlargement Creams Really Work? See Before and After Pictures of Best Enlargement Cream

Does Breast Enlargement Creams Really Work? See Before and After Pictures of Best Enlargement Cream
A FREE 4 Page Report on How To Grow Bigger Breast Naturally From Home.
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Does Breast Enlargement Creams Really Work? See Before and After Pictures of Best Enlargement Cream.

The role of breast enlargement and enhancement creams and pills cannot be brushed aside if you intend to grow bigger, firmer and perky boobs. The reason is simply because it intends to provide a fast and quick solution to the problem instead of waiting for weeks and months before seeing improvements.
Forget about the expensive cosmetic and plastic surgeries or the costly breast implants which comes with their own attendant side effects, getting yourself the right breast augmentation cream is all that you need in your journey towards growing a bigger boob.
So, the simple answer I can give to you is that breast augmentation and enlargement creams and pills actually work if and only if you happen to lay your hands on the most effective product.

Some foods that can ensure a larger breast size.

The idea is that you must eat foods that are high in estrogen and low in testosterone as a female. It is also advisable to eat foods that are rich in protein. Foods that are rich in estrogen and protein includes: –
• Chicken
• Blueberries
• Cherries
• Dairy products (such as yogurt, milk etc)
• Peas
• Beans
• Apples
• Plums
• Fenugreek seeds
• Vegetables such as beets, carrots and cucumbers
• Grains such as rice, barley and wheat
• Onions, etc.

The role of habitual change towards having a perky, larger and bigger breast

There are certain habits that you may be indulging in that are playing its role (i.e. negative role) towards ensuring that you don’t a bigger bust. Some of these habits may include: –
• Over weight: – There is a correlation between overweight and small boobs, so why not consider reducing the size of your body, if you are an oversize individual as this will help to bring out the shape and size of your boobs. The excess fat in your body will not do you any good if you are looking to add two or more cups to your breast size. So involve yourself in any program that will help reduce your body size if you are oversized.
• Taking of estrogen pills and supplements without proper medical advice: – Most people are quick to patronize the next available product in the market when it comes to seeking for solution to their problems most especially if they can afford it. Even though estrogen is known to play a very significant role in increasing the size of the boobs, you must see your doctor for a proper advice before going ahead with any estrogen pills or supplement.
• Wearing the wrong bra: – Most women do wear bras that are not their exalt size. Wearing a very tight bra will not help to increase your breast size neither does wearing an over sized bra will. A tight bra will only cause your boobs to shrink, while a large bra will conceal the size of your boobs and will provide no support for your boobs. The simple trick is to wear your perfect size of bra.
• Wear the cloths that aid your bust: – one trick that will make your boobs look bigger than they are is to wear tops with frilly lace or patterns in the chest area. Wear horizontal stripes that stretch out your breast, and try shirts with low necklines that show your cleavage without revealing so much.
If you want to avoid saggy and sagging breast very fast and on a shoe-string budget, just click the link at the top of this article or on the link below to get started.

CLICK THIS LINK TO ACCESS: A FREE 4 Page Report on How To Grow Bigger Breast Naturally From Home.
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The “Human Ken Doll” Comes To Iran For Plastic Surgery

The “Human Ken Doll” Comes To Iran For Plastic Surgery
Rodrigo Alves, aka the “Human Ken Doll”, has undergone 150 cosmetic surgeries. For his 34th birthday Alves wanted to go somewhere exotic – and Iran was just the place, as one of the plastic surgery capitals in the world.

“Plastic surgeons usually do 3-4 surgeries per week,” Alves told IranWire. “Iranian surgeons carry out 5-6 per day!”

Latest Nose Job Before After Shots

Latest Nose Job Before After Shots
Nose Job is one of the most popular cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures done in the Philippines. In the forefront is Doctor Eric Yapjuangco, one of the leading and most trusted plastic surgeons in the Philippines.

Over the years, TheIconClinic has helped hundreds of Filipinos boost their confidence with life changing surgeries that only the best in the industry can deliver. The natural-looking effect is what makes Doc Yappy the master of aesthetics. He personally deals with each of his clients paying close attention to their needs and making sure that he knows the look that they want to achieve. He never fails to deliver because of this.

Phone: +632-531-4266

Other procedures available are: chin augmentation, breast augmentation, breast implant, breast reduction, butt lift, butt augmentation, brazilian butt lift, liposuction among others.


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