2018 BMW M2 Facelift

2018 BMW M2 Facelift
2018 BMW M2 Facelift Was Accurately Predicted A Few Weeks Ago.

Author rendering: Monholo Oumar (https://www.behance.net/Monholo).

ust like the actual car, the BMW M2 renderings by Monholo Oumar show an evolutionary design which eschews major changes in favor of barely noticeable styling tweaks.

In both cases, the cars have been equipped with new LED head- and taillights. The rendering’s headlights look almost exactly like the real thing, while the taillights are just a touch off as the production model has relocated clear strips for the reversing lights.

While neither is a major deviation from the pre-facelift M2, it’s pretty impressive that someone could come this close to accurately predicting what the car would look like.

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