Breast Augmentation – Fat Grafting – Knoxville Tennessee – Jay Lucas MD

Breast Augmentation – Fat Grafting – Knoxville Tennessee – Jay Lucas MD
Jay H. Lucas, M.D. Premiere Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Knoxville Tennessee – founder of The Lucas Center Plastic Surgery discusses a rejuvenation case involving breast implants and adding volume and shaping using fat grafting – The process of fat grafting (also known as autologous fat transfer) involves gently suctioning fat through tiny incisions made in areas of the body like the belly, thighs, or back. The fat is removed by liposuction using tiny hollow tubes called cannulas. The harvested fat is then processed and washed in order to remove unwanted substances before being carefully re-injected into another body site.

Dr. Lucas has had extensive experience with fat grafting and has honed his technique to yield superior, long-lasting results. By injecting tiny amounts of fat, spread carefully over the target region, he ensures adequate blood supply to the new tissue. This improves the longevity of the results and reduces the incidence of hard nodules or oil cysts that can form when large amounts of fat are injected into a single spot. Spreading out the injected cells also means more of them survive, eliminating the need to “overfill” the target area to compensate for future cell death, as some surgeons do.

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