Breast Augmentation Pt. 4 | Managing Pain & Swelling | Post Op Days 2 & 3

Breast Augmentation Pt. 4 | Managing Pain & Swelling | Post Op Days 2 & 3
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This is a series of my experience with breast augmentation surgery. The purpose of this series is to provide you with informational perspective on the surgery and recovery. It’s my goal to help you get a better understanding of this procedure if you’re contemplating the surgery too!

Getting a “boob job” is an investment in money, time and… pain. I want to provide a realistic day in the life of my journey to give you a better understanding of what to expect. This series is to also give you tips and advice before diving into this surgery – including finding the right surgeon, which city to have the surgery, what to anticipate for the cost / price, choosing the right size, what to expect for recovery, how to get back into the gym, and so much more.

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My surgeon:
Dr. Douglas M. Senderoff, MD, FACS
Park Avenue Aesthetics Surgery, P.C.


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