RHINOPLASTY BEFORE AND AFTER (9 months after the surgery)

RHINOPLASTY BEFORE AND AFTER (9 months after the surgery)
This is the continuation of my first rhinoplasty video. I recommend you to watch my first video in the link below so you will distinguish the differences happened on the time laps i created.

This time, it’s been 9 months since i had my rhinoplasty so called “Nose job”. I love the result! There are no complication and everything. all are went very good because of Dr. Reyvic V. Cerilles ‘ trusting hands of Instituto Estetico Manila. I never taught to myself that it actually takes a machine to look more NATURAL! Kudos to dr. Reyvic Cerilles

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Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Facelift | New Nissan Leaf | TVS Star City Plus

Maruti Suzuki S-Cross Facelift | New Nissan Leaf | TVS Star City Plus
The top automotive news of the day – We start things off with the S-Cross facelift. The car is all set to launch in India and it’s happening this month. Bookings have opened and we bring you the rest of the details. We then take a look at the new 2nd generation of the Nissan Leaf which made its debut in tokyo today. We tell you all about the new car and whether it’s coming to India. Finally, we talk about TVS’s addition to the Star City Plus line-up as it gets a new colour scheme. For the latest in auto, visit: http://bit.ly/LatestAutoNews

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How to Prepare for Nose Surgery

Like with any other type of surgery, there as steps that will be followed by the surgeon in order to properly prepare the patient for nose surgery. A detailed medical history will be taken at the initial consultation. Questions about things like blood pressure, breathing, and medications will be asked. A physical exam will also be done by examining the inside and outside of the nose and possibly doing some bloodwork. Pictures of the nose will be taken from several angles to serve as ‘before’ photos, and an ‘after’ product can be generated on a computer to serve as a guide for the surgeon. The patient and surgeon will then discuss the changes that the patient wants done on their nose. As the patient, will be impaired by the anesthesia, post-operation transportation needs to be arranged beforehand as well.

Dr. Cory Torgerson Facial Cosmetic Surgery
(647) 343-0207 | http://drtorgerson.com/surgical-procedure/rhinoplasty/
70 Yorkville Ave, Suite 31
Toronto, ON M5R 1B9

Nose Surgery Beverly Hills | Dr. Paul Nassif

Nose Surgery Beverly Hills | Dr. Paul Nassif
http://www.spaldingplasticsurgery.com – (310)-275-2467

Dr. Paul Nassif performs a Finely Diced Cartilage Graft during his Rhinoplasty surgery.

The nose is the center of the face and symmetry is of utmost importance for facial harmony and balance. All noses have minor asymmetries, but depressions and dents on the nose can be filled for an improved aesthetic
result. Some health care professionals advocate using synthetic fillers to smooth these irregularities.

The synthetic materials are not without risks, including damaging the nasal skin, and they are a temporary. During rhinoplasty, cartilage may be harvested from the septum, ears, or rib. These have been traditionally carved to mimic the native nasal cartilage to aid in the support and reconstruction of the nose. Currently, we can also dice the cartilage into a semi-gelatinous consistency. This finely diced cartilage can be placed in a syringe and it can be injected in the nose in
the same fashion as a filler through a small incision. It is an excellent option for filling depressions and in the delicate refinements of the nose to achieve symmetry or to augment the dorsum or tip. It has the benefit of being native tissue and eliminates the risk of an allergic or inflammatory
reaction one may get after a filler and it is a permanent option in filling depressions of the nose.

120 S. Spalding Drive Suite 315 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Tel: (310)-275-2467

Tummy Tuck Infection Open Scar Stitches Recovery 5 weeks

Tummy Tuck Infection Open Scar Stitches Recovery 5 weeks
Re-opened tummy tuck incision at 4 weeks for infection, finished 2 harsh anti-biotics for 2 weeks, bactrim 800 twice day, Levaquin 500 daily, gauze packing, saline, now 5 weeks post op, we are letting it heal open, still swollen hard, sides of back aches, stomach muscles contract randomly, fatigued, tire easily, bed rest still, out of work 5 weeks….. Long recovery

Check out my other videos for Tummy Tuck advice & Tips:
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https://youtu.be/U9n1hr87Agk (Quick Look)
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http://youtu.be/-WGjZjQQjgg (video 8, infection hole, 3w 6d)

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Abdominoplasty Story:
43 yr mother of 3 children gets tummy tuck surgery to fix extra skin, stomach, remove stretchmarks, etc.
This is a personal choice. Some ladies deal with rashes, discomfort, use powder to keep dry, wear panties under or over the skin apron, lack of self confidence and feel ashamed. I made the choice for myself and No One else. This was major 5 hour surgery with a long painful recovery.

My ex husband made comments about my waist since I was 18-19. Ex even called my stomach my “3rd tit”. That breaks a person’s confidence. None of the guys I’ve dated since divorce had any problem, never a bad comment. My boyfriend supports what I want, and said it was up to me because he liked me the way I was already. ❤️

I hope this video helps other ladies looking into this surgery with ideas & advice. Thank you to everyone who shared their videos that helped me prepare!!!

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Aksesoris Wajib Honda CBR 150R Facelift 2016

Aksesoris Wajib Honda CBR 150R Facelift 2016
Aksesoris Resmi Honda CBR 150R 2016 Diantaranya :
1. Visor Sticker
2. Eliminator Fender
3. Single Seat Cover
4. Crank Case Protector
5. Under Grill Protector
6. Fuel LID PAD
7. Tank Pad
8. Paddock Stand
9. Wheel List Sticker

All New Honda CBR150R 2016 yang merupakan Generasi terbaru motor sport 150cc milik honda yang dilauncing oleh Marc Marguez dan Dani Pedrosa (Pebalap Motogp pabrikan Honda) mengusung mesin DOHC, 4 valve,  transmisi 6-percepatan sehingga dapat menghasilkan torsi besar saat tarikan awal sampai menengah sehingga memberikan kontrol power yang lebih baik, mesin berpendingin cairan (liquid cooled).

All New Honda CBR 150R 2016 Hadir dalam 4 pilihaan warna Revolution White dan Nitro Black, All New CBR 150R dipasarkan dengan harga On The Road (OTR) Jakarta Rp. 32,5 juta, untuk warna Livery Honda Racing Red dipasarkan OTR Jakarta Rp 33,1 juta. Sedangkan untuk MotoGP Edition di banderol OTR Jakarta Rp.33,3 juta

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