Facelift Surgery | Tina’s Personal Story | Before and After

Facelift Surgery | Tina’s Personal Story | Before and After
Turn back the clock 20 years.
Watch Tina’s personal story, a long-standing client of Dr. Torgerson, as she discusses her journey into rejuvenating her face by getting facelift surgery.

About four years ago, Dr. Torgerson performed bilateral upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery on Tina at his Toronto Facial Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. She was very satisfied with her results, which led her to her decision on going back to Dr. Torgerson for the rejuvenation of her face and neck.

Tina’s main concerns included:

• Facial aging
• Sagging of the skin on her face and neck
• Loss of volume
• Sagging jowls
• Wrinkles

Dr. Torgerson’s surgical plan included improving the signs of aging on Tina with the following procedures:

• Facelift
• Necklift
• C02 Skin Resurfacing

Dr. Torgerson’s goal for Tina was to safely revitalize her face and neck for natural looking results. Tina wished to still look like her old self, but more towards how she used to look during her youthful years. Facelift surgery can produce dramatically improved results, but the expertise of the plastic surgeon will yield how natural and rejuvenated the patient will appear after surgery, without looking overdone, or ‘stretched out’.
Dr. Torgerson’s surgical agenda included elevating and lifting the facial and neck tissues back and up towards the ears to achieve a smoother appearance on the surface of the skin by gently pulling the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) muscles on her face and neck. Tina’s skin was resurfaced with C02. C02 is a fractionated laser treatment that effectively resurfaces the skin by removing years of sun damage. It also tightens sagging skin and smooths out deep wrinkles.
The three procedures addressed her concerns of significant aging in her face and neck, while restoring youthfulness in her overall complexion and skin quality. Tina was thrilled with the final results!

Prior to her surgical procedure performed at Dr. Torgerson’s state-of-the art surgery facility, a series of pre-operative medical examinations and safety tests were completed to ensure Tina was healthy for her facelift and necklift.
Dr. Torgerson takes great care in explaining the whole process with patients, such as Tina, in detail before they meet with the anesthesiologist to under go their surgical procedure. To read more about these procedures, see the links below.

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Dr. Cory Torgerson is a highly-sought after Facial Plastic Surgeon in Toronto, Ontario. His private surgery centre is located in the heart of Yorkville, in downtown district of Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Cory Torgerson prides himself on his ability to achieve facial harmony for his patients successfully, and artistically, by closely working with them on a surgical, or non-surgical program to safely meet their cosmetic goals.

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