Laser Smart Liposuction Explained by Dr. Lebowitz in Huntington Long Island NY

Laser Smart Liposuction Explained by Dr. Lebowitz in Huntington Long Island NY
This Laser Smart Liposuction video is by Dr. Lebowitz at Lebowitz Plastic Surgery, located in Huntington, Long Island NY. Are you someone who is trying to get rid of stubborn fat that is defiantly persistent despite diet and exercise? If so, Laser Smart Liposuction (Liposuction with skin tightening) may be a perfect option for you. Dr. Lebowitz explains how his technique targets unwanted fat deposits, which tends to cause unbalanced body proportions.

While regular liposuction simply removes undesirable fat, ripples and sagging skin are often observed. With Laser Smart Liposuction, however, a laser is used in combination with removing the surplus of fat so when this fat is eliminated, ripples and loose skin are avoided and a smoother, more uniform, and tighter appearance is apparent.

Dr. Jonathan Lebowitz custom tailors his liposuction procedure to use laser smart liposuction to melt and remove the fat of the area you want. A big advantage of the laser smart liposuction procedure is skin tightening resulting in a smoother contoured result with minimum downtime. Also, each procedure is accomplished under local anesthesia, saving patients thousands of dollars in hospital and anesthesiologist fees.

Dr. Lebowitz Provides Laser Smart Liposuction for the:
• Neck
• Upper Arms
• Abdomen
• Flank
• Back
• Inner Thighs
• Outer Thighs
• Knees
• Calves
• Gynecomastia (Male chest)

You can read more about Laser Smart Liposuction and the targeted areas directly on his website –

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