Liposuction-Can I Alter My Body Shape With Lipo-Dr.Cortes

Liposuction-Can I Alter My Body Shape With Lipo-Dr.Cortes
A slim silhouette is a symbol of vitality and a fit lifestyle and something that many men and women desire. When diets and physical exercises fail to help us change our body shape for the better, liposuction is the next logical solution.
There are at least four main types of body shapes: the hourglass (similar dimensions for the hips and shoulders and a narrow waist), the rectangle shape (similar dimensions for hips, waist and shoulders), the A-shape (the shoulders are the narrowest part compared to the waist and hips) and the V-shape where the hips are narrower than the shoulders.
The most desired body shape is the hourglass, but only approximately 8% of women are born with it.
If you have a rectangular body shape, liposuction can help you by reducing the thickness of the adipose layers on the flanks and the abdomen. Also, the fat transfer to the hips will change your proportions. If there is sagginess on the tummy, a tummy tuck might be required as well.
For patients with an A-shaped body, we usually perform liposuction on the waist to reduce the dimensions if needed. Liposuction will be performed on the waist and fat transfer might be necessary.
When it comes to the V-shape body, liposuction alone won’t be enough to change the shape for most patients. To reduce the dimensions of the upper part of the body, we can perform liposuction on the upper and lower back. However, without fat transfer to the hips or a buttock augmentation, the results won’t be as impressive. Depending on the severity, you may need to have a second round of fat transfer to the hips.
It is common nowadays to believe that plastic surgery can perform miracles and change your body entirely to look more like your favorite celebrity, but the reality is that liposuction has its limitations.
We can use this procedure to make the body look slimmer, better contoured and with a more youthful appearance. However, liposuction performed as a standalone procedure won’t change your body from a V-shape to an hourglass shape in one session.

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