Liposuction of the Back | Leif Rogers, MD

Liposuction of the Back | Leif Rogers, MD
One of the best ways to permanently remove fat from most parts of the body is liposuction. For patients looking to remove large amounts of fat permanently, we suggest liposuction because you can remove more fat in one session than other forms of fat removal procedures. In today’s video Dr. Nima Naghishineh(Nash), accompanied by Dr. Leif Rogers, perform liposuction on this patients back. They remove fat from the flanks (love handles) and bra roll area. Now our patient has no more back fat and a nice hourglass figure.

Doctors in todays video:
-Dr. Nima Naghishineh
-Dr. Leif Rogers

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Patient has signed consents for this procedure to be filmed and released.

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