Miami Breast Reduction

Miami Breast Reduction
Miami Breast Reduction Specialists:

Having a huge pair of perky breasts might seem like the ultimate dream for most women. But if you have been living your whole life with big boobs, you know better.

Sporting a huge pair of boobs is not all rainbows and butterflies. True, it can be really confidence-boosting, which is why breast augmentation surgeries remain to be the most requested among all cosmetic surgeries.

However, having big boobs also comes with its own set of disadvantages:

1. Big boobs get a lot of attention.
2. It can be awkward in certain situations.
3. It is hard to find clothes when you have big boobs.
4. Finding a bra can be an ordeal.
5. Big boobs hinder you from doing normal exercises.
6. Your breasts tend to sag when you have big boobs.
7. Big boobs cause back pain and bad posture.
8. Big boobs also cause pain in other parts of the body.
9. It can be embarrassing if your boobs are big but asymmetrical.
10. Big boobs can have a huge effect on your self-esteem.

Research shows that women who underwent breast reduction generally live a happier and more normal life prior to surgery. They are able to sit up straighter and stand taller following a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Surgeons specializing in Miami:

Double board-certified plastic surgeons:
Dr. Nick Masri M.D.
Dr. Mark Broudo M.D.

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