One third of men in Brazil are opting for cosmetic surgery

One third of men in Brazil are opting for cosmetic surgery
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Rio de Janeiro – September 2007
1. Beachside Rio de Janeiro. Men walking without shirts.
2. Men exercising by the sea.
3. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Wesley Rodrigues, Bodybuilder
“It’s the local custom, to go around like this without a shirt, so we need to stay in shape”.
4. Men walking on beach.
5. Doctor examines patient who has done liposuction and ear surgery.
6. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Andre Elias, Plastic Surgery patient
“I travel a lot, Spain, Argentina, so I have no time to exercise, I’m always rushing. So I decided to do a liposuction to gather courage to go back to the gym. I was kind of fat and I wasn’t going to make it”
7. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Dr. Luis Haroldo Pereira, Plastic Surgeon (while showing male breast silicone implants)
“The majority are mid size like this one here. It goes in this position…”
8. Doctor shows drawing of implant insertion
9. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Dr. Luis Haroldo Pereira, Plastic Surgeon
“What is the advantage of getting a chest implant? of increasing the chest muscle? They go to the gym, and the arm has several muscles, but the breast is only one muscle so they ended up taking steroids, which cause liver problems, heart problems…”
10. Doctor shows photographs showing before and after male chests
11. Twins exercising at gym
12. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Mauricio Martins, Bodybuilder
” We both got masculine chest implants to get the definition. I now exercise to get the definition, the chest contour”.
13. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Roberto Martins, Bodybuilder
“His muscle is here on top, underneath is the square implant in the format of the male breast, placed under. The muscle and the skin are sawn. Same thing in the other side. Now what Mauricio just said is that it’s not enough to just come to the gym. You must exercise in order to obtain this shape, forming this hypertrophy (hypertrophy is the increase of the size of an organ or in a select area of the tissue)”.
14. Various of silicone implant factory in Rio de Janeiro
15. SOUNDBITE: (Portugese) Luciano Soares, Commercial Supervisor, Silimed
” We launched it in the beginning of 2005 and it had a recent increase in 2006 of 20 %. In 2007 we already perceive now in summer an increase in production due to the higher demand all over Brazil, mainly in the states of Rio and S�o Paulo”.
16. Group of men in doctor’s office
17. Man handling chest implant
18. Doctor measuring arm muscles
More and more men in Brazil are turning to cosmetic surgery in order to achieve the body beautiful.
A third of the male population is bowing to pressure to look toned and well defined on the beach by opting for the surgeon’s knife rather than the gym.
On a warm day young men in Rio relish ridding themselves of their shirts and showing their bodybuilder physiques off to the world.
Looking good takes work as bodybuilder Wesley Rodrigues testifies.
But the desire to look hot on the beach as led to a boom in the plastic surgery amongst men.
Between 1994 and 2004 the number of men undergoing plastic surgery procedures rose to 31% according to a Gallup-SBCP poll.
According to the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) in 1994, men accounted for 10% of all procedures.
The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery says that Brazil is second only to the US in number of plastic surgery procedures.
About 616, 000 procedures were carried out in 2004 of which 191, 000 involved male patients.
The most frequent masculine procedures include abdominal liposuction, neck lift, eye bag removal and ear reshaping.
Andre hasn’t gone to the gym in a while, thanks to his busy lifestyle.

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