Lateysha Grace MTV The Valley’s celebrity breast augmentation by Cosmetic Surgery Partners

Lateysha Grace MTV The Valley’s celebrity breast augmentation by Cosmetic Surgery Partners
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Lateysha Grace of MTV’s hit TV show ‘They Valleys’ had breast augmentation and nipple reduction surgery performed by our expert UK surgeon Mr Miles Berry FRCS (Plast) of Cosmetic Surgery Partners London – Lateysha is overjoyed with the results of the surgery and highly recommends Mr Miles Berry as a consultant plastic surgeon for anyone who is looking to have breast implants surgery performed in the London area.

Celebtrity star Lateysha is 21 years old and is famous for appearing on hit reality TV series ‘The Valleys’ aired on MTV following the lives of youngsters from the South Wales Valleys moving to Cardiff in pursuit of their dream careers. She was very insecure about her breasts in particular her nipples which she famously describes as her ‘burger nips’. Through the help of Cosmetic Surgery Partner’s surgeon Mr Miles Berry, Lateysha went through a series of breast surgery procedures in order to achieve her ideal breast form. Miles Berry performed a tailored breast augmentation (breast implant surgery) together with a nipple reduction resulting in improved confidence.


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**REAL** plastic surgery in malaysia

**REAL** plastic surgery in malaysia
Plastic surgery in malaysia, are very successful now. Question ? email : imprettynow (at)

Plastic surgery in malaysia is a medical specialty concerned with the “correction” or restoration of form and function in malaysia

Though cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the best-known kind of plastic surgery, plastic surgery is not necessarily cosmetic; and includes many types of reconstructive surgery, Craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, and the treatment of burns.
Undergoing a plastic surgery has become a trend in south korea. But, it’s gaining popularity in malaysia too

In plastic surgery, the transfer of skin tissue (skin grafting) is a very common procedure. Skin grafts can be taken from the recipient or donors:
Autografts are taken from the recipient. If absent or deficient of natural tissue, alternatives can be cultured sheets of epithelial cells in vitro or synthetic compounds, such as integra, which consists of silicone and bovine tendon collagen with glycosaminoglycans.
Allografts are taken from a donor of the same species.

00:30 a few successful case studies of plastic surgery in malaysia

In malaysia, usually good results are expected from plastic surgery that emphasizes careful planning of incisions so that they fall in the line of natural skin folds or lines, appropriate choice of wound closure, use of best available suture materials, and early removal of exposed sutures so that the wound is held closed by buried sutures.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is performed to correct functional impairments caused by burns; traumatic injuries, such as facial bone fractures and breaks; congenital abnormalities, such as cleft palates or cleft lips; developmental abnormalities; infection and disease; and cancer or tumors.
It is usually performed to improve function, but it may be done to approximate a normal appearance.

Cosmetic surgery is an optional procedure that is performed on normal parts of the body with the only purpose of improving a person’s appearance and/or removing signs of aging

Lately, plastic surgery malaysia has become popular due to the high success rate and lower cost

Watch the video details :

Non Surgical Nose Job – Mini Rhinoplasty Using Dermal Filler Injections – London

Non Surgical Nose Job – Mini Rhinoplasty Using Dermal Filler Injections – London
The video contains non-surgical nose job treatment procedure using dermal fillers conducted at CosmeDocs clinic at 10 Harley Street, London. Also known as non-invasive rhinoplasty, the treatment is aimed to transform the shape of the nose in just few minutes with least discomfort possible.

Contact CosmeDocs UK for more information: — 08008600178.

Breast Implant Surgeon Chattanooga, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Breast Augmentation & Reduction

Breast Implant Surgeon Chattanooga, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Breast Augmentation & Reduction
Breast Implant Surgeon Chattanooga, Certified Cosmetic Surgeon, Breast Augmentation Surgery & Reduction Cleveland TN Advanced Surgical Concepts (ASC) (423-648-4011) Hamilton Office Park, 7446 Shallowford Road, Suite 205, Chattanooga, TN ASC is the premier center for Breast Augmentation, cosmetic surgery, skin care, surgical and non-surgical age defying skin procedures, and venous disorders in the Chattanooga area. Drs. White, Gardner, Toni Ryan [Family nurse practitioner] and the staff use state of the art diagnostic tools and treatment options for a variety of Surgical and non-surgical cosmetic problems. Hours: 8:00AM until 4:30PM M-F Email: Breast Augmentation in Chattanooga. Whether it is a breast augmentation (saline or silicone implants ), breast lift or breast reduction, breast enhancement surgery is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures to date. Breast enhancement procedures are intended to restore or create an appealing body contour for women who are unhappy with their breast size. A breast augmentation through the use of breast implants is ideal for increasing the size of the breast, balancing size asymmetry , restoring post-pregnancy volume loss or allowing for an aesthetically pleasing body contour by providing feminine curvature. Please note that while a breast augmentation can improve asymmetry, it cannot completely correct it nor can it improve form defects.
Saline or Silicone Implants?
Because everyone is created differently, there are many variables cosmetic surgeons can manipulate during a breast augmentation such as implant placement (under the muscle or over?), material (saline or silicone?)and incision location. While we do offer both saline and silicone breast implants, we believe our best results come from silicone gel. In terms of breast implant composition, saline vs. silicone, we urge patients to do their research . We offer additional information regarding implants here.
Breast Implant Placement and Incisions
In regards to breast implant placement, implants can be placed under the muscle (Subpectoral) or over the muscle (Subglandular) . Our surgeons most commonly place the implant under the muscle (sub-muscular) as this method better conceals the implant and its potential for rippling which allows for more natural results. This technique also reduces the risk for capsular contracture. While this approach has many advantages, it can cause more immediate postoperative discomfort and require longer recovery time than subglandular placement. Exceeding your cosmetic surgery expectations, both in the way you’re treated at our practice and in the results we achieve, is our sole mission. We believe you have both physical and spiritual needs, and we go above and beyond to ensure all those needs are met. We enjoy taking the time to get to know you and working closely with you to help you get the results that are best for you. It’s our surgeons’ expertise, leading-edge solutions and our personal care that has earned us the loyalty of so many men and women in Chattanooga. Many of our patients return to ASC or send loved ones to see us for all their cosmetic needs.

Empress admits undergoing cosmetic surgery

Empress admits undergoing cosmetic surgery
Empress Schuck does not mind admitting she has undergone cosmetic surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Essex Nose Job – Rhinoplasty London Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty Essex Nose Job – Rhinoplasty London Nose Jobs Rhinoplasy Essex London for nose job surgery and reshaping by expert surgeons to help with appearance and health related issues. All surgeons are qualified and experienced in cosmetic facial surgery.
They provide excellent service for individuals with breathing and injury problems as well as those looking to enhance their aesthetic appearance.
Experience also covers the speciality of Ethnic nose reshaping.
It is important to discuss your personal situation and aspirations with the practice and all information is treated with confidentiality.
It is also relevant to bear in mind the financing of the surgery and if this may be funded by insurance or via the NHS.
Have a look around the website at and feel free to get in touch for a chat or to make an appointment to see how we might assist further.You will find that a surgeon may well be able to see you in London or Essex and watch the video on