Plastic surgery gone wrong: Filipino model’s face ruined after $10 nose and chin job – TomoNews

Plastic surgery gone wrong: Filipino model’s face ruined after nose and chin job – TomoNews
LAGUNA, PHILIPPINES — Ellowe Alviso thought fixing his flat nose would land him more gigs. Instead, the aspiring Filipino model’s dreams came crashing down after a back alley cosmetic procedure ruined his looks for good.

In an interview with Philippine radio station DZMM, Alviso said he was introduced in 2012 to transgendered beautician Euge Edward Unangan, who uses the name Kasheca Magallanes. The beautician claimed to have studied nursing, and agreed to give Alviso a nose and chin job via collagen injection for 500 pesos, or roughly 10 dollars.

The procedure was successful, landing Alviso more modeling jobs as a result.

But two years later, things started to go downhill. During a photoshoot, a fellow model noticed that his nose seemed a little deformed, and soon, both nose and chin had become swollen and infected.

When the 24-year-old tried to ask the beautician for help, but was cursed out and threatened.

Alviso eventually sought help from doctors, who told him he was injected not with collagen, but with a lethal cocktail of petroleum jelly, wax and sealant. Despite getting surgery to save his face, he was left disfigured and horribly scarred.

Unable to continue modeling due to his mangled features, Alviso is now forced to do odd jobs, selling duck eggs and candy on the street, and moonlighting as a Halloween ghoul.

Police are looking for the transgendered beautician and have a warrant out for her arrest, according to ABS-CBN News.

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