Plastic surgery gone wrong Human Doll Ken Rodrigo Alves 51st cosmetic co2 resurfacing procedure

Plastic surgery gone wrong Human Doll Ken Rodrigo Alves 51st cosmetic co2 resurfacing procedure
Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has been back to the plastic surgeon for the 51st time to have a ‘very aggressive’ cosmetic procedure to minimise his pores and scars. Botched up
The 33-year-old told he has been confined to his LA hotel for five days following a deep co2 resurfacing procedure, which caused his face to peel off, just a few weeks after he endured a face, neck and eye lift all in one day.
Pictured leaving the Beverly Wilshire hotel on Wednesday, Rodrigo looked upbeat wearing a tight pair of yellow trousers as he ventured out for the first time since the procedure, which removes the top layer of skin with a carbon dioxide laser.

‘Three days after I had the c02 resurfacing done, my face started peeling off in big lumps and I couldn’t go out into the sunlight, so that was hard,’ he said.
‘I had to cancel my attendance at Elton John’s post-Oscars charity after party on Sunday due to the very invasive and aggressive work I had done.
He said: ‘I feel good and I’m turning heads. The scars have reduced by 50% so I will get it done again in six months time. I feel happy with how it went.’
But he admitted that days of being cooped up have meant he has put on two stone in weight so he has had to resort to a liquid diet which has left him feeling ‘weak’.
He said: ‘People have been commenting on recent pictures, saying my clothes are too tight. It’s not the clothes that are the problem, it’s me. I’m fat.
‘My metabolism has slowed down so I’m really struggling with the weight. If I can’t lose it I’m having lipo, but I am considering going to the gym.

‘It all appears on my legs and back. Those are my problem areas. I have to do something because I have a vast wardrobe and half of it doesn’t fit me.’
Rodrigo channelled his own sense of style in his trademark blazer and waistcoat, matching a pair of bow-loafers with his bright trousers.
He also told People magazine that he has seen three plastic surgeons to perform his 9th nose job to improve his breathing after a botched job.
Lately, the television star has being going through what he calls a MOT and according a source told MailOnline, he will be on the next series of Celebrity Big Brother.
Rodrigo appeared on the first season of hit show Botched on E! and he will also return for the second season this spring.

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