Rydia’s Buccal Fat Removal and Facial Liposuction at Dodream Plastic Surgery

Rydia’s Buccal Fat Removal and Facial Liposuction at Dodream Plastic Surgery
http://www.seoulguidemedical.com | Social Media personality Rydia Kim undergoes thread lifting, Botox injections, buccal fat removal and facial liposuction to get rid of unwanted facial fat that was weighing down her skin and causing sagging. She sought the help Dr. Song of Dodream Plastic Surgery through Seoul Guide Medical to get the dream features she always wanted.

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Seoul Guide Medical is a medical tourism company which helps international patients who come to South Korea to have a variety of medical needs addressed such as dental, vision and skin care. Seoul Guide Medical also assists with arranging plastic surgery procedures at a variety of top clinics in Korea, such as Dodream Plastic Surgery.


Dodream Plastic surgery is a leading provide of plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery procedures. Conveniently located in the popular tourist location of Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea, Dodream Plastic Surgery has highly skilled doctors who are highly distinguished in the plastic surgery field.

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