Septo-Rhinoplasty Surgery: Procedure, Cost & Recovery Time

Septo-Rhinoplasty Surgery: Procedure, Cost & Recovery Time
Do you have a crooked nose? Do you get colds and headaches? A deviated nasal septum can cause aesthetic problems in the way your nose looks, as well as cause symptoms of sinusitis, etc. Your nose may also have a dorsal nasal hump, a hump at the top of the bridge of your nose, which makes your nose look like an eagle’s beak. How do you treat all these problems? The answer may be cosmetic surgery of the nose, a septo-rhinoplasty. A septo-rhinoplasty combines a septoplasty and a rhinoplasty and gives you a cosmetically better looking nose. While septoplasty straightens the deviated nasal septum and makes a crooked nose straighter, rhinoplasty combines facets like nasal tip refinement, alar refinement, and making the nasal bridge straighter, less curved and more pleasing to the eye, while mantaining bthe naso-frontal angle and the naso-mental angles.

In this video, best rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Debraj Shome, a top facial plastic surgeon from Mumbai, India, operates on a top Lebanese actor and sets his nose right. The actor, Mr. Mohammed Kharouf, underwent a septo-rhinoplasty, which was used to straighten his nose, refine his nasal cartilages, remove the nasal dorsal hump & refine the tip of the nose. Mr. Kharouf had a large, crooked nose, with a dorsal nasal hump. He also had recurrent episodes of cold, rhinitis and sinusitis, due to the deviation of the nasal septum. In addition, Mr. Kharouf underwent a chin implant surgery. When the chin is retruded and small, the nose can appear larger in size, as there is no balance in the facial features. By enhancing the size and the shape of the chin by chin augmentation, using a chin implant, Mr. Kharouf had a pleasing result, which further accentuated the harmony of his face, post the nasal surgery.

While ENT surgeons do a very good job of performing a septoplasty to straighten the nasal septum and the septal cartilages, our experience shows that correcting the septum alone is not enough. Enough attention needs to be paid to the cosmetic finesse of the rhinoplasty is making sure that the nose also appears aesthetically good looking. The nose lies at the center of the facial features and plays a very important role in the way your face looks. Therefore, getting a septo-rhinoplasty performed by a facial plastic surgeon, addresses both the functional as well as the cosmetic aspects of the nose. Septo-rhinoplasty can either augment the nose (augmentation rhinoplasty) or reduce a large nose in size (reduction rhinoplasty).

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