Texas Blonde Awakens From Breast Surgery, Discovers Doctor’s Horrifying Mistake Too Late

Texas Blonde Awakens From Breast Surgery, Discovers Doctor’s Horrifying Mistake Too Late
A Texas woman underwent plastic surgery to reduce the size of her breasts, but now she is sharing her horror story after awakening from the procedure. Sarah, a 33-year-old restaurant owner, believed she had done everything in her power to ensure she was seeing a reputable surgeon, but she only discovered his horrifying mistake once it was already too late.

In a new episode of the reality show Botched, the Texas woman revealed that she intended to undergo a breast reduction, but her surgeon decided to give her implants instead, causing a slew of medical issues for the 33-year-old.

“The doctor that I went to, I looked him up, I did everything I was supposed to,” Sarah told plastic surgeons Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow, who were able to repair her breasts after her first botched procedure.

“Sarah went in to have her breasts made smaller,” said Dr. Nassif. “It really speaks to the fact that breast implant surgery is a business to a lot of people and that a breast augmentation is easier to do than a breast reduction.”

Sarah began experiencing side effects from her botched surgery which caused her a great deal of pain. According to Dr. Dubrow, the patient even had discomfort radiating down into her arm from “the most severe form of contracture,” when a muscle becomes shortened or tightened.

The doctors were ultimately able to fix Sarah’s breasts after admitting the surgery to do so would be “as hard as it comes.”

The doctors eventually managed to perform a surgery to improve her situation, and Sarah couldn’t hide her delight at the results of her revamp operation. [Source: Daily Mail]
“Before my surgery, my breasts looked like two fallen soufflés,” said Sarah. “My implants were up to my neck and not only was I a lot of pain, my mobility was limited. After my surgery with no implants, my breasts are au naturel, and they’re like two perky pears.”

Surgery is scary enough without having to worry that your doctor might actually perform the wrong procedure while you’re unconscious, and stories like Sarah’s do little to inspire confidence for leery patients. The doctor who nearly ruined her breasts forever should lose his license, if not for his initial mistake, then for leaving her in so much pain instead of fixing, free of charge, what he did wrong.

Dr. Nassif was certainly right about one thing: the breast augmentation industry is big business. In this day and age, it is far more common for women to go in for a bit of plastic surgery than to embrace the body God gave them, which is sad.

Happiness isn’t found in a pair of bigger breasts, I can assure you. However, many women are under the impression that the so-called “perfect body” is the end all to be all. If this is your life’s ambition, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re going to end up very disappointed one day, because no one gets to escape the wrinkles and sagging that comes with old age.

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