Tummy Tuck Lift Procedure & Live Surgery – Plastic Surgery Video by Doctor Parikh. Warning Graphic!

Tummy Tuck Lift Procedure & Live Surgery – Plastic Surgery Video by Doctor Parikh. Warning Graphic!
Please watch: “LARGE EAR MACROTIA REDUCTION OTOPLASTY SURGERY: Patient True Story, Live Surgery, Before & Afters”


Here we feature our Tummy Tuck Lift Procedure and our techniques for getting the best results with Live Surgery, Muscle Tightening, Before and Afters shown. This Plastic Surgery Video on Abdominoplasty is presented by Plastic Surgeon Doctor Rikesh Parikh of Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery in the Seattle Bellevue Area. You can see that same types of cosmetic surgery here as you have seen in the show “Botched” but in more detail.


Here is the transcript
Tummy Tuck Video Dr. Parikh
• Learn About the Importance of Muscle Tightening for the best results for Your Tummy Tuck.
• We are going to show you live video of how I do this followed by some great before and after results
• Hi I’m Dr. Parikh and I’m a Plastic Surgeon in the Seattle Bellevue Area and we’re Aesthetic Facial Body Plastic Surgery

Before Afters
• Here are some recent before and afters of my Tummy Tuck Procedures with Muscle Tightening
• Although I didn’t show it in the video, I always do a double plication for a tighter result.
• This is a 58 year old Middle Eastern Female From Kirkland, Washington. She’s an active, athletic mother who just couldn’t get rid of her excess skin and fat despite daily exercise.
• She was excited and confident to wear a Bikini
• This is a 40 year old African American female from Seattle, Washington who lost over 100 pounds through diet and exercise alone. The extreme weight loss patient presents Unique challenges to get a great result. She is shown here after the tummy procedure at 2 months. Her scar is going to continue to improve over time.
• She was just happy to have her routine clothes fit better
• This next patient is a 32 year old Caucasian Female from Seattle, Washington who had loose skin in the tummy, thigh and lower back region. A tummy tuck was performed as part of a body lift see here 2 months after surgery.
• Thank you for watching
• Give us a call for a tailored approach consultation, for your tummy and other face, breast & body enhancements

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