Vibro Liposuction Introduced on Good Morning Texas – VAL – VL

Vibro Liposuction Introduced on Good Morning Texas – VAL – VL
Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medspa in Dallas, Tx introduces the new Vibro Liposuction to the United States on Good Morning Texas. Innovations Medspa has another first in the US. Vibration Assisted Liposuction (VAL) is rapidly becoming recognized in Europe as the best technique available for liposuction. Innovations MedSpa is the first practice in the USA to make VAL available. A recent extensive study over liposuction compares most of the current types of liposuction and concludes that VAL is the best.
Advantages of VAL vs. other liposuction techniques

1. Adding the vibration during the infiltration (numbing) part of the process reduces discomfort, evens the numbing and makes fibrous areas much easier to numb. This is the first real innovation in numbing in the 20-25 years that tumescent liposuction has been done.
2. VAL requires fewer passes to remove the fat. This results in less swelling and bruising after the case and a shorter recovery time.
3. VAL greatly facilitates working in fibrous areas such as around scars, areas that have been previously liposuctioned and rib areas.
4. Fat removed by VAL can be used in Brazilian Lift & Breast Augmentation (fat transfer) procedures.
5. VAL can be used with other techniques such as Smartlipo for skin tightening or VASER for removing large areas of fat.


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