Wear a Bandeau after Breast Augmentation Surgery

Wear a Bandeau after Breast Augmentation Surgery
Learn How to Wear a Bandeau after Breast Augmentation Surgery: https://www.tcclinic.com/surgical/breast-augmentation/
In some instances, you may be required to wear a bandeau.
Your surgeon may send you home in one, or you may be instructed to wear one after your first follow up visit.
The bandeau will be used to either compress the breasts, or to correct any asymmetry during the healing process.
When both breasts are high, the band will be worn underneath the underarms in order to speed up the healing process.
It should be tightly secured, right where you can feel the top of the implants.
If the bandeau is worn on top of the sports bra, you can wear gauze in the underarm area to prevent irritation.
You can also wear a shirt and put the bandeau on top of the shirt.
If your left implant is higher than the right, the bandeau should be worn on a diagonal across the left breast.
If your right breast is higher than the left, it should be worn over the right breast.

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