Why I removed my breast implants | My Plastic Surgery Story

Why I removed my breast implants | My Plastic Surgery Story
I’m back! so, here’s my story…

What I had done to my chest:
Boob job #1
Over the muscle saline filled implants
400 cc and 425 cc
Lolipop lift

Corrective procedure 1.5: Capsulectomy on left breast

Boob job #2
Saline filled textured implants put in under the muscle with 290 cc’s and 300cc’s
anchor lift

Final “boob job”
explant/breast implant removal, capsulectomy and no lift.

There is an amazing alternative to having plastic implants put in, that will fill out your chest if you want to increase your breast size or even them out (although, uneven boobs are perfectly normal you guys!!) . Look into “fat transfer to breast” which is a procedure where fat is harvested through liposuction from an area you don’t want or need it (love handles, thighs etc..) and placed into your breasts. This is the same procedure Kim Kardashian has done multiple times, on her bum. It can look very natural and it’s a much much healthier way to change your appearance.

As for the ladies who are un happy with sagging in their breasts, a breast lift can (and should) be performed without implants and even though you don’t lose or gain breast tissue- I am SO happy after having my 2nd breast lift (an anchor lift, with much more scarring). It makes the world of a difference! I hope this helps, follow me on snapchat for more info!

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